Woohoo . . . kickoff party!

We’re having a bit of a kickoff party here at TheDonatingDrummer!

Things are just getting underway, so the site is still undergoing a bit of construction. The plan is to launch on December 1st, so surf around and check things out! A few favors to ask, if you don’t mind . . .

#1: Let me know if you have any questions that aren’t yet being answered on the site.

#2: Hit that purdy ‘subscribe’ button up there on the right and you’ll be informed of updates as things get rockin’ around here.

and #3: Please help spread the word!
We would super appreciate any and all tweets, as well as other forms of link love. On top of that, imagine how cool it would be if you were the first of your friends to post about TheDonatingDrummer on your blog! Sexy, I know . . .

While you’re workin’ on that, I’m gonna go clean up some of this confetti. See you soon!