Six Months and Sailing . . . Right Along

I get to set the rules around here, right? Click below to choose your answer to that question . . .

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Well, since the responses to that bogus survey were a unanimous “YES” (how long did you sit there, trying to punch one of those buttons?), we’re blowing all said rules out of the water this month.

TheDonatingDrummer is officially 6 months old!

To celebrate, I’ve gone off the deep end and mixed things up a bit:

#1) This month’s recipient was pre-selected midway through last month;
#2) It was not even someone who sent an application; and
#3) We’re making a little change in the submission process.

A Guy Named Dave

So, there’s this book I’ve been reading. “The 100 Thing Challenge” (not an affiliate link). I’ll be reviewing it shortly on but go now, check it out . . . and buy it!

Currently beginning down a path toward minimalism, I have been reading this stellar account, by Dave Bruno, about his experience of paring down and living an entire year with only 100 personal possessions. I’d been following him for a while on Twitter, and one day awoke to see this in my timeline from @guynameddave:

Simply out of curiousity, I tweeted back something along the lines of: “What’s that happen to be going for?” The reply:

BAM! The idea was suddenly planted. I’ve been getting so much value and inspiration out of Dave’s book. This is the least I could do to show my appreciation.

Then he turned me down . . .

The long and short of it is that I asked if I could call him with an idea. He agreed to that much. But when I explained TheDonatingDrummer project and my desire to gift him with the sailing lessons, he instead suggested that I buy $100 of art supplies for a youth program that he’s involved with. He hesitated. Dave’s used to being a giver, not being on the receiving end of the table. Only after I reiterated that- although there are all sorts of great, worthy charity projects out there- TheDonatingDrummer is purposed toward supplying that little boost to help people reach personal goals and do something new, did he accept.

I really look forward to hearing about the lessons once Dave’s able to get them scheduled. I hope he enjoys the heck out of the experience and learns a ton, but I also have a selfish interest in this whole deal. I’m expected to go sailing when I make it to San Diego one day! 🙂

Six Months And Sailing Right Along - Dave Bruno - The Donating Drummer

The Gig

Where’s the money coming from this time ’round? A gig (actually three) that I’m playing with Canadian artist Barbara Chamberlin. I’ve toured the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska with Barbara in the past, and am super excited that she’s going to be in my necks of the woods in a couple of weeks! We’ll be performing three nights in a row (June 22-24) at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, OR. If you’re in the area, come on out, get a room and party down with us that weekend!


Application amendment

Now six months in, I’ve been evaluating how things have been shaking out here on TheDonatingDrummer. We’ve had a few months that have brought a surprising number of submissions, and a few months that have been downright horrible. I understand that staying on top of things and applying within the short, 5 to 7-day window, can be tricky at times, so we’re opening that all up!

From now until we need to do otherwise, submissions will be accepted anytime, on an ongoing basis. I will save anything and everything that comes in, and will select from that entire collective pool each month. That way, some projects that I would like to fund don’t get passed up on, and I can be sure to always have options to draw from, even on slower submission months.

For now, if your goal(s) fall between the $100-150 range, send ’em in! Right now. Tomorrow. Yesterday!

Thank you . . .

. . . to everyone who has been passing TheDonatingDrummer along to your friends, coworkers, families, tweeps and FB followers. I appreciate all of your help!

(photo by Adam Jenkins)