Relaunching in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

The first year of The Donating Drummer project was a . . . um . . . blast!

The Donating Drummer relaunch

We raised funds for the ASPCA … helped launch a website … paid off a student loan … put on a pizza party for homeless families (and drummed with the kids!) … gave someone sailing lessons … bought some little girls outfits for their dance recital … supplied drums to a music therapist … teamed up with some real life superhero crime fighters … picked out Christmas presents for some less fortunate Oregonian families … and more!

Only problem, that was 2011. What happened to this year?

Well, two things, really . . .

#1) I got super busy. In a very good way, mind you. After changing things up and making the decision to go on hiatus from teaching private lessons for a while, I headed to Omaha to facilitate group percussion workshops for 3 weeks, spoke at TEDxConcordiaUPortland, was artist-in-residence for 2 weeks at an international school in Kuwait City and then spent 4 months in the South Pacific– performing with the Show Band aboard P&O Australia’s Pacific Dawn cruise ship.

But I am now back in the States, gigging a ton around the Seattle area with The Afrodisiacs, The Spazmatics and Mr. Pink, and am ready to get this thing rockin’ again!

and #2) As Paul Wesselmann of The Ripples Project told me on the phone, right around the time I was originally getting TDD kicked off, I’ve learned that- believe it or not- it is extremely difficult to give money away! Seriously.

When actively promoting the site, I get a never-ending stream of comments about what a great concept it is and how many ideas people [supposedly] have . . . but that unfortunately doesn’t seem to translate into those people submitting said ideas. I’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible and openly welcome any and all ideas- large or small; wacky or not. But although an occasional submission happens to drop in and surprise me, it generally feels like pulling teeth to convince people to click the link to apply.

A friend recently suggested that perhaps people are either intimidated/embarrassed to toss their ideas out there for someone else to read, or feel that it’s “too good to be true”- maybe hesitant to believe that, yes, I will indeed send along $100 for them to tackle that project, no strings attached.

Whatever the case, I’m not willing to give up just yet. Aliy in Omaha recommended publicizing to more college students (maybe via some online forums?). Dave in Oregon brought to my attention that I have some strong social media connections which I have yet to properly leverage to increase the project’s reach.

Care to help?

All that said, I’m excited to make some changes and am currently gearing up for TheDonatingDrummer Round Two – scheduled to relaunch at the first of the coming year with continued monthly giveaways!

What I’m seeking right now (and am hoping to get your help with) are two things:

A) Most obvious . . . submissions! In case you missed it, the application link is right here.

and just as important, B) More ideas about how to spread the word about TheDonatingDrummer (with, of course, the end-goal being to elicit more submissions, hopefully on an on-going basis). Places to post about it online?? Other media outlets?? What-have-you?? Bring it on…

Leave your thoughts in a comment below, share about TheDonatingDrummer via the following links and thank you, thank you for reading, supporting and helping!

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Thanks again!

(photo by Steve Jurvetson)