Passport to Imbibe, Inhale, Revere, Live

Thank you, thank you, to all of the awesome submissions this month!

I wanted take a few moments to give you a quick update and bring you up to speed on the projects TheDonatingDrummer has been able to support so far. We got things rolling in December, helping Chase Night (of Austin, TX) raise money for the ASPCA. 2011 began with us helping Providence, Rhode Island’s Tessa Zeng launch her new online community, Experiencing Revolution. February’s recipient was a bit closer to home (Portland, OR), and the first that I’ve had the opportunity to meet personally. We hooked a great guy named Gary up with the funds to get a much-needed car back-in-action.

This month, we strike even closer to home and nearer to the heart.
My great friend, Rose, is purposed right now toward these three simple goals:

   1. Pay off her student loan
   2. Travel
   3. Show people her cool new product, the Passport Pocket

Passport Pocket - Rose Barker - The Donating Drummer

This, from Rose:

My student loan remainder is a mere $125.47. WOW! Will you help me pay it off?

I’m stoked to leave the loan behind and step into phase two of my plan: Travel. I dream of visiting friends on a starfruit orchard in Hawaii, and living on the stunning beaches of Colombia. But greater than these, I’m ready to volunteer in Mexico City with Isla Urbana, an amazing NGO which provides potable drinking water systems to citizens who have no running water. My future is certain: there are cultures to imbibe, dances to be elegantly inhaled, people to be revered, life to be lived vibrantly. I’m excited.

While I travel, I’ll show friends my invention: a beltless Passport Pocket. I’ve already traveled internationally and detest traditional money belts. I created the Passport Pocket because it’s certainly much safer and substantially more comfortable than everything else on the market. [Note from Mark: I’ve traveled with the PPP, testing it overseas during its development. It rocks!]

I also greatly enjoy helping others learn to travel ultralight – I used to travel with 50 pounds, and now I only travel with 13 pounds!

Will you kindly consider being the catalyst that ends my student loan and launches me into my unknown adventures abroad?

I figure that I’m able to help with at least two of Rose’s three goals. I will certainly be using the Passport Pocket myself- spreading the word about it to other travelers along the way. And, although I know that Rose is fully capable of making that one last $125.47 payment, TheDonatingDrummer wants to be that catalyst. That destroyer of debt. That launching pad. Rose has expressed to me her assurance that the money this saves her goes directly to that volunteer work at Isla Urbana.

“. . . cultures to imbibe, dances to be elegantly inhaled, people to be revered, life to be lived vibrantly . . .”

Go do it, Rose!


Thank you . . .

. . . to everyone who has been passing TheDonatingDrummer along to your friends, coworkers, families, tweeps and FB followers. I appreciate all of your help!