May 2011 – $100 Giveaway

2011May - 3 in 1

Today’s post is actually 3-in-1. We’ll . . .

. . . get this month’s process rolling;
. . . wrapup our latest project; and
. . . get an update on February’s.

6 months!

Wow, it’s month six here at TheDonatingDrummer, and things are moving right along. I’ve been digging the applications that have been submitted the last few months, enjoying the people I’ve been meeting through this little project, and am looking forward to more of both!

May’s $100 recipient will be funded by a gig I’m going to be playing this weekend. I’ll be flying to Kansas, to perform with a few awesome friends. John Pounds (bass), Rich Landar (keys) and I will be backing up John Denver tribute artist, Ted Vigil, at the Hoover Opera House in Junction City. I’ve played with this lineup a few times in the past and it’s always a treat! Ted’s the most ego-free impersonator I’ve ever worked with (yes, there have been many!) and I jump at every opportunity to share the stage with Rich and JP.

Have a goal, project or crazy idea that the $100 would help you make a reality? Apply right now and let me hear about it!

April wrapup

What fun! In addition to us covering the pizza and soda costs for YCAP’s Family Frenzy Fun Night, I joined the group and had an absolute blast Junk Jam‘ing with the kids in attendance, drumming away on plastic pails, fire extinguishers and whatnot!

YCAP’s Lindsay Combs sent the following message:

The event was a huge success! You did fantastic at engaging our homeless children of all ages, and helped to provide empowerment and inspiration for the art of music. It was great to see so many smiling faces on the children, and their parents.

Your project and generous donation has planted a seed for my staff and I to continue engaging our shelter families with fun and healthy activities. We are committing to providing a family fun night at least twice a year because of the impact the project you supported had on all of us, including the staff.

The pizza was wonderful, too!

– Lindsay

February update

A few months back, we set out to get a car up and running for Gary. But sometimes things don’t go quite as planned and you’ve just got to roll with the punches and find a different way to reach your end result. Such is Gary’s scenario. But he knows when to hold ’em, and knows when to fold ’em (the Gambler would be proud!) . . .

Just a quick note to update you on our project. After speaking with my mechanic last night at great length, we determined that we could proceed with the project as presented on TheDonatingDrummer, but there were enough other issues with the car that it would not be a wise investment.

I posted the car on Craigslist today at 7:30am, and by noon, it was gone. We now have $400 instead to put towards the purchase of a reliable vehicle. We will put it in the “car” fund and see if we can build it to purchase one in the near future.

With gratitude,

– Gary

So, there you have it, folks! Another $100 available to apply for this month, and two past project updates. Whew . . . I’ve gotta go practice.

Can’t wait to read those submissions!

Thank you . . .

. . . to everyone who has been passing TheDonatingDrummer along to your friends, coworkers, families, tweeps and FB followers. I appreciate all of your help!

(photo by mrbill)