March 2011 Donation Wrapup – Loan No Mo’!

There’s nothing quite like finally getting out from underneath a large financial obligation. One you’ve been paying on for years. Month after month, that debt lingers overhead, seemingly impossible to escape.

But escaping is exactly what this month’s TheDonatingDrummer recipient did. No more college loan for my good friend, Rose! I’m excited to see her break free, because I know that her sights are set on great things: travel, benevolence and enterprise.

From Rose

I am so blessed to receive The Donating Drummer’s March funds. It has been a rewarding and dynamic month for me:

My student loan is paid off!!!!!

Loan No Mo - Rose Barker - The Donating Drummer

The Passport Pocket was tested by numerous travelers and refined, the website is finally launched, and I’m thrilled to be filling orders.

I will donate 10% of all profit from the Passport Pocket to a wonderful NGO, Isla Urbana. Their mission of providing clean running water to low-income families in Mexico City is truly noble. I spoke with Enrique, the founder of Isla Urbana, and rather than volunteering in Mexico City for a week this spring break, I am saving my money to volunteer an entire month this summer. I’m greatly looking forward to serving their community.

Cheers, and thank you so much, Mark!

– Miss Rose

About the gig

Rose’s final student loan payment was made possible by my Saturday, March 19th gig with Blues/Rock guitar slinger, Jake Blair. We played, along with bassist Dan Seymour, for a super fun house party just outside of Willamina, Oregon. It’s been a while since the three of us shared the stage together- awesome to get to rock out with both of them again!

Thank you . . .

. . . to Jake, Dan, Rose and everyone who has been passing TheDonatingDrummer along to your friends, coworkers, families, tweeps and FB followers. I appreciate all of your help!