January 2011 Donation Wrapup – Be The Catalyst

Closing the books on the second month of TheDonatingDrummer, it’s very cool to see support for the project steadily increasing! People have been kind and helpful on Twitter, we’ve reached 149 “likes” on our Facebook page, and I was able to help get yet another reader’s goal off the ground and started!

This month, $100 from one of my gigs was able to help writer/philosopher/designer Tessa Zeng (also, founder of Rethinking Style), launch her new online community site, Experiencing Revolution. I’ll let her tell you more about it . . .

From Tessa Zeng

Thanks to the generosity of TheDonatingDrummer, ExperiencingRevolution.com is now live! What you see here is the very first sprout of a garden I hope to grow and develop much, much bigger.

Over the past few months, I’ve been tremendously inspired by the entrepreneurs and writers I’ve befriended and read online. It opened my eyes up to a world where you could instantaneously share your big ideas with anyone you want, and make money while you’re at it! After running my own not-fashion blog for a couple of months, I knew that it was time for a new project.

At Experiencing Revolution, I will be writing about the how and the why of taking “user experience” beyond marketing. I aim to work with other entrepreneurs, organizations, and artists of all kinds to build new models of individual engagement, which will in turn inspire their clients and “engagiences” to go out and create their own work. My ultimate goal is to dig into the very foundations of our education and economic systems, and unearth increasingly sustainable practices for developing people’s individual and creative potentials.

If you’re reading this & any of this sparks your interest, then I invite you to stop by the site and look around. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

It’s been incredible to have complete strangers believe & invest in my project from the very beginning. Hats off to you, Mark, and your inspiring project!

– Tessa Zeng, Experience Catalyst

Inspiring the world to change itself

About the gig

On Friday, January 7th, I once again had the pleasure of sharing the stage with guitar slingers Orvil Ivie and Garry Meziere. Along with bassist Mickey Grossman, we provided an evening of rockin’ Blues in the Spirit Mountain Casino’s Summit View Lounge (Grand Ronde, Oregon). It’s always a treat to get to make music with quality players like these guys and, considering the numbers of shows and years that they’ve been performing in these parts, I figure it’s really not a stretch to call them “local legends.” Hope I get to jam with Garry, Orvil and Mickey again real soon!


Thanks to everyone who’s helped support TheDonatingDrummer so far, and continues to spread word about the project via email, social media, [etc.] . . . ’tis much appreciated!

Get your February project/goal ideas ready to submit next week!