Interning in Dar es Salaam

In May, Sarah Schaet (this month’s TheDonatingDrummer $100 recipient), will be leaving Tallahassee for two months while she volunteers as a medical intern at a regional hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

interning in dar es salaam - the donating drummer

The internship is through a program called Projects Abroad, which places interns and other volunteers in 27 countries around the world. I’ll let Sarah herself explain a bit more about what she’s up to.

“Though Dar is the largest city in Tanzania and perceived to be the most developed, it is ridden with the largest amount of people living in poverty. The amount of professionals and resources are at a shortage in order to care for a population that is over 26% HIV/AIDS infected . . . and over 50% of those are under the age of 20. On top of working in the hospital, I will help lead outreach work in local communities- teaching about sanitation, AIDS prevention, and attending to those who are not able to travel to the hospital. I will be living with a host family, learning from them about the Tanzanian culture and a way of life unknown to many Americans.”

Start-to-finish, Sarah’s project will cost approximately $7,720. She’s raising that entire amount through her own personal efforts. Her fundraising page says that, “Some of that will be covered out of pocket. Some will be raised from relatives. Some will come from fundraising events I am planning. However, for at least half of it, I am counting on donations from this campaign.”

You can help, too!

Use the password iALRDW to access her Projects Abroad donations page. Tell your friends; tell your family; tell your church. Any amount at all helps Sarah get a little closer to her goal, and closer to bringing medical help to communities that can really use it.

Also, you can keep up on what she’s up to over on her blog:

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