First and foremost . . . an enormous shout-out to the generous Josh Greene, whose incredible Service-Works program was the initial inspiration for TheDonatingDrummer.

How much money, man?

Grant amounts may vary from month to month, depending on the gig(s) I’ve got in the calendar. The exact amount available will be announced [as a blog post on this site] on the 1st of each month. But, so as not to leave you hangin’, we’re going to start out shooting for around $100.

Can anyone apply?

Oh, heck yeah . . . the more the merrier!


Here’s a hint: see that nifty little button up top that says APPLY?

How do you choose which project to donate to?

Well, I am donating the funds, so I suppose I am in a position to be biased about where it goes. That said, I’m particularly excited to help make some interesting, unusual and beneficial things happen for a number of people. Anything goes, but I do enjoy creative proposals involving music, visual arts and charity work. Make it personal, make it funny, and I’m on board!

Why are you doing this in the first place?

In my life and travels and percussion studies, I receive so much from so many incredible people. Whether researching percussion in remote parts of the world, or getting tremendous support, encouragement and opportunities closer to home, I’ve always been a taker. This is one of several ways that I’m developing to use what I know best (music) as a vehicle to give something back. I’m currently working on a number of global and more local projects, as a small thank you. If TheDonatingDrummer encourages even one person to take a risk and helps make it possible for him/her to accomplish something they’ve been putting off (no matter how small or simple), I’ll view the entire project as a success.

Will you be sending ‘NO’-tifications to the non-winners?

As much as I’d love to, that’s probably not likely. Check the blog area of the site to stay in top of what’s what and who’s who.

What if I sent a submission, but it wasn’t accepted?
Can I resubmit it during future months?

Yes, please do!

What if I’ve already received a donation from you in the past?
Can I still submit another idea?

You betcha- keep ’em comin’!

Not-so-fine print:

Due to travels, other projects and fluctuations in gig frequency and/or income, all details related to TheDonatingDrummer grant program are subject to change without notice. I reserve the right to discontinue and/or suspend the program at any time, and for any reason.

Have another question that should be included in this FAQ list?
Drop me a line here: thedonatingdrummer [at] gmail [dot] com