December 2010 Donation Wrapup – Chase & Milo

Wow, we’ve made it through Month #1 here at TheDonatingDrummer! Since things launched at the beginning of December, I’ve gotten a ton of support, terrific feedback and more traffic than I’d expected. As will be the case each month, this [third] post is a wrap-up of how things went down . . . a few words from our recipient, and a few about the gig I played that allowed me to support him/her/them.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Chase Night, his cat Milo, and their plan to raise money for the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), make sure to read this previous post. They are the first ever ($100) winners of TheDonatingDrummer’s monthly giveaway! If you’d like to help as well, you can contribute to their Operation Cats project here!

2010 December Wrapup - cats - The Donating Drummer

From Chase Night

First, I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mark for donating to Milo’s Christmas Challenge. The goal I originally set of $500 was perhaps a little lofty for a newbie blogger like myself, but thanks to Mark’s generous gift Milo rose to #2 on the Operation Cats leaderboard. Of course, it’s not about being the kitten with the most donations. Every little bit helps and every person and their cat who took part in this year’s Operation Cats has done their part to make the world a safer, more humane place for our furry friends. As I write this, the ASPCA has raised over $7,000 with their Operation Cats campaign.

Maybe this seems like a silly cause to some people. Maybe you think that $7,000 would be put to better use relieving homeless children or building a well in Africa. Those are both beautiful causes, and if that’s in your heart this season please give to them or any other cause you care about! But if you can give this holiday season and aren’t sure who to give to, then please consider giving to Milo’s Christmas Challenge or your local rescue group. Humans experience suffering for a variety of reasons, but our indifference lies at the root of all suffering for domestic animals. Any singular act of kindness to help a cat or dog in need is a drop in the bucket compared to the acts of kindness they show us all every day just by being our friends.

Mark is not an indifferent person, and we should all look for ways to be a little more like him. He’s not asking me to say this about him on his own blog; it’s from my heart. He saw a unique way that he could his talents to help others, and it’s not just something he wants to do once and call it a day. I don’t know many people this serious about putting their money where their mouth is to make a difference. So even if you aren’t able to make a donation to Milo or any other organization this holiday, please take a moment to say thank you to Mark for the beautiful thing he’s doing with this blog.

– Chase Night

About the gig

My good friend, Steve Schob and I performed on Monday, December 6th for the Heroes for Hope event, held by Trillium Family Services. Onstage at the beautiful Portland Center Stage, we improvised a background of percussive sonic textures as a team of actors paid homage to Greg Ness and John Trachtenberg, two men whose generosity have strongly impacted the youth that Trillium serves.

It was a treat to work once again with another close friend, Leslie Grasa, who coordinated much of the tribute to Greg and John. And I can’t wait for more opportunities to collaborate with Steve on future musical adventures!


While I’m celebrating that TheDonatingDrummer is finally off-the-ground, I’m even more excited about what’s ahead in the following year! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has been showing support and helping me spread the word. Please keep passing this site along to anyone that you think might be interested, subscribe for email updates and . . .

. . . get your project/goal ideas ready to submit in January!

Happy Holidays- here’s to a great 2011!