December 2010 – $100

Welcome to the official launch of TheDonatingDrummer!

Let’s get right down to it. Just in case you aren’t already familiar with what this site’s all about, here’s the rundown . . .

Starting right now, I will be donating all or part of my earnings from one gig each month to help make someone else’s interesting goal or project a reality!

2010 December

I don’t want to waste time and space re-writing all the nitty-gritty here. So, if you’d like a bit more info about how all of this works, check out the Start Here and FAQ pages before continuing on below.

Already know how it works? Then get straight over to the Apply page!


Still with me? Great!

The Gig

December’s $100 winning project will be funded by a gig that I’m very excited to be playing! I’ll be providing percussion during Heroes for Hope, an annual event held by the incredible nonprofit, Trillium Family Services. Trillium will be honoring two individuals who have greatly impacted the children and families that the organization serves.

For two reasons, it’s also the absolutely most fitting gig possible to help get TheDonatingDrummer off the ground.

1. I’ll be performing with good friend and fellow percussionist, Steve Schob. Steve was not only one of the first people to hear about TheDonatingDrummer, well before it actually came to be; he’s also been an integral extra set of eyes, ears and ideas throughout the process of the site’s development.

2. I was recommended for this particular gig by another good friend, Leslie Grasa, who is also coordinating much of the event. Leslie is the very person who introduced me to the Service-Works program run by former San Fran waiter, Josh Greene. Josh’s awesome concept and amazing generosity were the initial inspiration for TheDonatingDrummer.


So there you have it. Send me your own goal or project idea . . . I’ll play the Trillium gig and hook one lucky winner up with the funds to make theirs (yours?) happen! Ready, set, go!

Hurry on over to the Apply page and let me know what you would do with this month’s $100 . . . I look forward to hearing about your project!

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This month’s recipient will be announced next week- check back soon!

(photo by Andrew Magill)