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How It All Works . . .

Think you’re ready? Here’s how it works (don’t be a slacker; read it all):

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Simply apply [with the links above or below], answering the question: “What would you do with $100-150?”

*** NOTE: Submissions are now accepted anytime, so send them, send them, send them!


A) The total goal/project cost should be no more than the $100-150 range.

B) The entire project should be able to be completed in no more than a few weeks (to help maintain our one-a-month pace and keep me from getting utterly confused).

The application is your opportunity to sell me on your amazing goal/project! In a short paragraph or two, tell me all about it . . . what it is you’re planning to do; what impact/importance it might have on/for you or someone else; and a breakdown (budget) of all costs involved in the goal’s completion.

What projects will be considered? The sky’s the limit!

Some ideas . . .

A work of art that you’ve been wanting to create. A kind deed in support of a local charity organization. Your first skydiving experience. Building a wheelchair ramp for the elderly couple next door. Starting a website to sell your papier-mâché creations. Get creative. What’s been rolling around in the back of your head?

When you’re all set, fill out the application form!

While the application form is necessary, I always welcome accompanying videos (although not necessary)!

Include your video link in the space provided. When first uploading your flick [to YouTube (or Vimeo, etc.)], be sure to also add TheDonatingDrummer (all one word) as a tag.

Around the beginning of each month, the winning applicant will be notified, as well as announced publicly in a blog post on the site.

The grant recipient will then be sent the approved amount, either by check or PayPal.

Upon completion of the project, the recipient is asked to follow-up with at least an email (and hopefully photos and/or video), to share the finished work with the rest of us!

A second post will then go live, highlighting the completed project (or reached goal) and saying a few words about the gig that was performed in support of it.

Any questions? Try the FAQ page!


Click here to apply now!

If you experience any problems with the application form, please let me know me at:

thedonatingdrummer [at] gmail [dot] com